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Dailey's Notes on Blood, Fourth Edition
by: John F. Dailey
With this book you can master the basics of blood physiology and related topics and enjoy the experience! Previous editions of Dailey's Notes on Blood were twice featured by the Nurse's Book Society, and the second edition won an Award for Excellence in Medical Communication from the New England chapter of the American Medical Writers Association. The fourth edition is completely revised and updated.
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Blood, Second Edition
by: John F. Dailey
BLOOD offers greater coverage of blood physiology, immunology, transfusions, transfusion complications,autologous blood recovery, and other subjects found in Dailey's Notes on Blood. Additional topics, such as special circulations, MHC, apheresis, oxygen transport, and bone marrow transplant, are covered. Also included are 78 commonly ordered blood tests, with uses, results, and value indications.
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Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun 4th Edition
  by David Clark and Lonnie Russell
The molecular revolution is upon us! For those who expect to be part of what's happening in the 21st century, the impact of molecular genetics research should not be underestimated. The authors present a simple and fun approach to the topic of molecular biology.
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The Male Gamete
edited by Claude Gagnon

sm Male Gamete

This volume gives the latest information on advances in male reproductive physiology, ranging from the production of gametes in the testis to the clinical applications of fertility research. This book is a truly international effort by numerous authorities in the field.

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 Pathology of the Mouse

edited by Robert Maronpot
sm Mouse coverThe mouse is an up-and-coming research animal and is heavily utilized in toxicological testing. The mouse is the least costly of the rodents and the relative ease with which transgenic research can be conducted makes it a desirable animal model. An outstanding team of pathologists, headed by Dr. Robert Maronpot at the National Institute of Environmental Heath Sciences, provides a comprehensive survey of mouse pathology. This book is both a reference and atlas in that it covers all systems of the body and is heavily illustrated. Pathology of the Mouse is an indispensable reference for pathologists and biomedical scientists. Each pathologist should have a copy within arm's reach!
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The Leydig Cell

edited by Anita Payne, Matthew Hardy, & Lonnie Russell
sm Leydig Cell
This volume presents an up-to-date compilation of information on the development, structure and function of the cell that produces testosterone. The Leydig Cell is invaluable for serious researchers and students of male reproductive physiology. Topics covered range from the identification of the cell by Franz Leydig in 1850 to current efforts targeting the Leydig cell as a means of achieving male contraception.
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Histological and Histopathological Evaluation of the Testis

by Lonnie Russell, Robert Ettlin, Amiya Sinha-Hikim & Eric Clegg

sm Evaluation of Testis
Researchers and pathologists who are interested in male reproduction will find this book invaluable. With over 700 illustrations it is a visual encyclopedia of testis structure and pathology of use to both beginner and expert. High quality diagrams of spermatogenic cell staging maps for rat, mouse or dog are available separately.
CD-Rom Version for PC
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Spermatogenic Cell Staging Maps
Staging Maps Staging maps are taken from "Histological and Histopathological Evaluation of the Testis" and are thick paper, high quality reproductions of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium of three species commonly used in laboratory and toxicological studies. Maps are suitable for publication or for use in mapping toxicological effects when staging is required. Staging maps are also available on CD-Rom

Available for:
• Rat
• Mouse
• Dog

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  Interactive Computer Software on Spermatogenesis
  sm Stages CD-Rom
The finest interactive computer software on spermatogenesis. Information is given for 22 species, including Rat, Mouse, Dog, Bull, and Human. Teaches the stages of spermatogenesis and allows user to track germ cells in time and to change the cycle duration. Predicts cell types affected by toxicants.
Staging Maps on
CD-Rom for PC and Mac
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