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Stages 2.2

New Interactive Software on Spermatogenesis

Mac & PC versions available

The finest interactive computer software on spermatogenesis. Information is given for 22 species, including Rat, Mouse, Dog, Bull, and Human. Teaches the stages of spermatogenesis and allows user to track germ cells in time and to change the cycle duration. Predicts cell types affected by toxicants.

Designed for:
  • Toxicologists
  • Reproductive Biologists
  • Andrologists
  • Students & Professors

Highlights include:

  • Color photographs for 5 Species
  • Bibliography on spermatogenesis
  • Complete manuscript on rat stages
  • Rat stages binary decision key
  • Track germ cells over time

Screen Shots

CD-Rom: Mac - $99.00 CD-Rom: PC - $99.00

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