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- Senior Sense -
  To Grandma's House, We . . . Stay
Third Edition
  by Sally Houtman, M.S.
  Grandmas House coverPresently, more than 4 million children are being raised in homes headed by grandparents due to their parents' ineffectiveness, absence, or lack of interest. This book is a timely road map that guides grandparents through these uncharted territories, offering practical solutions to the real-life problems they'll face. It blends compassionate wisdom and good, old-fashioned nuts and bolts advice to lead them through the obstacle course of emotions, conflicts, and social considerations that lie ahead. Contains 8 appendices of resources.
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  Grandma Was Right!
  by Anne McKay Garris
  Grandma was Right cover
Grandma and her time-proven wisdom about "doing the right thing," is available to parents in easy-to-use slogans of the kind our generation grew up with. Each slogan is accompanied by clever artwork that shows the value being taught. Follow-up chapters explain just how to put those values to use. The book's Index of Challenges contains alphabetized "problems" along with solutions kids will understand, memorize, and apply for a happier life!
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  Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles (2nd ed.)
  by Charles Tindell
  Seeing beyond the Wrinkles cover Recent recipient of the Gold Award from the MATURE MEDIA ASSOCIATION for its outstanding content and presentation. This new edition (revised and expanded) consists of 70 real-life short stories about people's feelings and experiences through which the author shows us that there is no reason anyone should fear aging. Of interest both to seniors in their post-retirement years, as well as those who care for a loved one. Recover the joys of the golden years! (Also available: a companion STUDY GUIDE)
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STUDY GUIDE for Personal Reflection and Spiritual Growth
by Charles Tindell
This Study Guide was designed to be used in conjunction with Seeing Beyond sm study guidetheWrinkles, 2nd edition. It facilitates study of the issue of aging in a wide array of settings such as:
  • personal devotions
  • small group study
  • as a training resource (e.g., Stephen Ministry, Befrienders, etc.)
  • adult education/Sunday School
  • retreats
  • a catalyst for conversation with older adults.
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  The Wisdom to Choose
  by Dixon Arnett and Wende Dawson Chan
  sm Wisdom to ChooseThe Wisdom To Choose will guide anyone, regardless of age, to a quality of life that is both rich and rewarding. It is a source of information on lifestyle, healthy aging and access to social services that have proven to help seniors live as independently as they want as long as they can, free from hospitals and nursing homes.

Although written for seniors, The Wisdom To Choose will also inform family members and caregivers about the choices our elders have--even to, and including, death and dying.

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  by Richard Watrous
  Shadowdad is a true story about the bad end to a good life. sm Shadowdad

No longer able to control his body or even speak, Holly Watrous wants to die. Behind closed doors, a doctor offers a possible solution—a solution considered immoral by many, and illegal according to the law. The family wants desperately to do what’s best for Holly....

Shadowdad is a book that deserves to be read, discussed...and debated.

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