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Grandma was Right cover
Grandma Was Right!

39 1/2 Slogans To Raise Children By

by Anne McKay Garris

Grandma Was Right! is a guide and reference book for today's busy parents who are doing the world's most difficult job, all too often without the assistance of that wonderful repository of wisdom and warmth from generations past: grandma.

Experienced parents know that slogans, repeated often, can help instill wholesome character traits in children, leading them toward developing into happy, successful people. That's where Grandma Was Right! comes in.

Each of the 39 1/2 chapters begins with a tried-and-true saying. Supportive stories and examples explain each of the sayings and the contexts in which they may be appropriate. When "Julie" is feeling sorry for herself or "Christopher" is demanding his own way, just look up the attitude problem in the Index of Challenges. Instant grandma! She will tell you not only what to do, but also how to do it in the most painless, loving and effective way.

189 pages - Paperback
ISBN: 1-882349-60-1 - $11.95

Table of Contents




1. I Think I Can

2. "Everybody's Doing It" Doesn't Make It Right

3. Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated

4. Forgiveness is The Best Revenge

5. Is It A Problem, Or An Unsolved Opportunity?

6. Pfft Pfft Pfft Pfft

7. Because I Say So!

8. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

9. I Need Some TLC

10. Put A Little Love In It

11. Many Hands Make Light Work

12. Life By The Yard Is Hard, Life By The Inch Is A Cinch

13. You Don't Need A Friend Like That

14. A Hundred Years From Now, You'll Never Know The Difference

15. There's So Much Good In The Worst of Us And So Much Bad In The Best Of Us It Hardly Behooves Any Of Us To Talk About The Rest Of Us

16. Are You Smiling?

17. Everything Looks Better After A Good Night's Sleep

18. Service Is The Rent You Pay For The Space You Occupy

19. For Pity's Sake, Have Fun!

20. Sometimes Doing Right Gets You Into Trouble

21. Don't Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

22. They're Not Running A Popularity Contest

23. Cooperate With The Inevitable

24. Don't Be A Hole In The Donut Person

25. Go The Extra Mile

26. Haste Makes Waste

27. It Pays To Communicate

28. I Expect You To Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem

29. Satan Will Find Some Mischief Yet For Idle Hands To Do

30. A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath

31. If You Can't Say Something Nice--Don't Say Anything

32. Don't Look At Me--I Didn't Raise Him

33. Give Them The Benefit Of The Doubt

34. Scrudgins

35. Worry Is Like A Rocking Chair--It Gives You Something To Do But It Doesn't Get You Anywhere

36. Pretty Is As Pretty Does, May You Always Be Beautiful

37. Don't Be His Robot

38. People Are More Important Than Things

39. An Ounce of Prevention...

40. I Love You

Index of Challenges



"This book contains valuable information for all ages to reinforce some of the core values that will emphasize appropriate behavior."

- Allan McDonald, Principal, Snow Elementary School, Dearborn, Michigan

"Grandma's recipe for raising good kids combines the art of love and understanding with the creative skills of good parenting. Grandma Was Right! should be on the bookshelf of every home."

- Charles L. Scott, Board Member, Dayton Board of Education, Dayton, Ohio

"A great book for Grandma to give to a new mom! Packed with years of wisdom and wonderful stores, the author writes how words of wisdom like, "You don't need Friends like that," and "Haste Makes Waste," can be applied to today's world. Her grandchildren have added delightful pictures that go along with each slogan. A wonderful book to help you teach your children to love others and have respect for life. Love it!"

- Country Cottage Penpals, Marquette, Michigan

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