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If....Then cover
If You Have Kids, Then Be A Parent!
Exaggerated Re-Enforcement Gets
You Back to the Basics of Childrearing

by Jill Chapin

The trouble today is that too many parents either don't know how to, or simply don't want to act like a parent.

If You Have Kids, Then Be A Parent! is brief and to the point. An easy-read guide to basic parenting skills via the technique of reinforcing proper courses of action. It has been used by hospitals and medical centers (UCLA and Cedars-Sinai), and police departments (Los Angeles, Burbank) across the country as they reach out to troubled children by trying to teach them the difference between right and wrong. This unique book reads one direction in English, the other way in Spanish (duplex format). It has two front covers.

76 pages - Paperback - ISBN: 1-882349-00-8 - $4.95

Table of Contents

What's Wrong?

Go For It! 7

Whoa, Wait Just a Minute

Talk to Me!

When? How Much? How Long?

Hang in There!

It's Up to You!


"Hooray for Jill Chapin! Unlike some psychologists, who have written lengthy, detailed books on childrearing, she has captured the great truths of life and learning in just a few pages. I think that a copy of this little book should accompany each birth certificate."

- Alan J. Politte, Ed.D., Child Psychologist, St. Louis, MO


"This would be an ideal handbook to accompany a parenting seminar. Written in a straightforward manner, Ms. Chapin delivers an excellent message!"

- Norma B. Johnson, M.S. Principal, Columbian Elementary School, Omaha, NE


"Incredible piece of work! Too often, empirical data and scientific mumbo jumbo take precedence over the true and clear purpose of one's writing. This material is beautifully written and has great significance without being preachy."

- Matt Wunder M.A., Counselor, Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica, CA

"Parents need to read Jill Chapin's primer on Exaggerated Re-Enforcement. Although the terminology is new, the concept reminds us of a simple, old-fashioned childrearing technique. All modern parents can and should embrace this little book as their guide to effective parenting."

- Linda A. Bishop, M.D., F.A.A.P., Pediatrician, Hyannis, MA


"Finally, a no-nonsense book that places responsibility for children's behavior where it belongs: not on the teachers or the police, but squarely on the shoulders of parents. A simply stated but powerful message that should be delivered loud and clear!"

- Officer Joe Analco, Community Relations, Santa Monica Police Department, Santa Monica, CA

"Her terrific writing style is so very readable, Ms. Chapin has wonderful techniques. I only wish more parents would follow them because they would foster greater self-esteem among our children."

- Sherry Resh, Parent Education Instructor, San Diego, CA


"This book should be a handout in every obstetrician's office in a slot that says, 'read me first!'"

- Jacki Saylan, Mother of Four, Omaha, NE

"Your book was a pleasure to read. It sends a clear message to parents: "Please take care of your children, don't let society do it for you."

- Officer Michael Avila, Juvenile Detective Div., Los Angeles Police Dept., West Los Angeles, CA


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