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Jill Chapin

Jill Chapin was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where she received a B.A. in psychology from Washington University. She presently resides in southern California where she is employed as a school counseling assistant.

During her tenure as a counselor, she has developed a clear sense of the kind of guidance to which children best respond. But it was the parental contacts that made her realize how much parents have abdicated their responsibility as primary caretakers of their children's moral center and character. She began to view schools and police as "enablers," having witnessed how many parents were simply passing along increasing responsibility for the welfare of their children to those organizations. Seeing too many parents who seemingly expect more and more from their community as their right as a taxpayer, Jill fears that parents' sense of responsibility has eroded to a dangerous point. Thus, her incentive to write If You Have Kids, Then Be A Parent!