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Earthquake Prepared cover
Earthquake Prepared
(2nd ed.)

Securing Your House, Protecting Your Family

by Joel Leach

EARTHQUAKE - perhaps the most terrifying natural disaster known to mankind. Unlike other disasters, earthquakes strike totally without warning yet with a devastating ferocity whose spent energy is frequently equated with that of nuclear explosions.

The government advises the public to secure their homes, but in reality, most people don't know where to begin! To further complicate matters, federal and state governments are forbidden to publish and/or circulate the names of manufacturers or vendors of the products that have been specifically designed to help citizens minimize damage.

Earthquake Prepared uses simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams to show how to protect both one's family and his valued possessions. There's a two-page cut-away drawing of a home with 25 sites and situations targeted which must be secured to protect your home and family against the potential destruction of an earthquake. Earthquake Prepared also contains a chapter that tells how to determine if one's home is properly secured to its foundation and, if not, whom to hire and how much to expect to pay to have the job done.

Earthquake Prepared dedicates one complete chapter to listing all licensed manufacturers of Automatic Gas Shut-Off valves and includes explanations of how much valves cost, how they work and how they are installed. Other chapters deal with Medical, Food, and Water Supplies (including three methods for purifying water). There are additional chapters that deal with Family Safety Plans, Earthquake Insurance, Automobile Survival Kits and Human Waste Disposal.

One of the most popular and valuable sections of the book is the Appendix which lists the name, address, telephone and fax number of scores of manufacturers and suppliers of everything one might ever need to prepare for "The Big One," including hand-books, medical kits, disaster food and water kits, window films, gas shut-off wrenches, and even instructional videos. Also included are contractors and structural engineers in a variety of locations throughout the state, plus virtually every organization and association in the State of California and beyond that offers advice and assistance to those of us who either want to prepare for an earthquake or those who have already suffered the destruction and need to find out how to move forward.


102 pages - Paperback -
ISBN: 1-882349-42-3
- $10.95

Table of Contents

How Earthquakes are Measured

Before an Earthquake

Hardware And Special Products (To Be Used In Securing Your Home)

What You Need To Know About Walls Before Starting

Let's Get Started!

Preventing Structural Damage To Your Home

Practice Turning Off The Gas At The Meter

Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valves

Food and Water

Emergency Supplies

Family Safety Plans

Neighborhood Planning

Preparedness in Mobile Homes and Apartments

Preparedness for the Disabled

Automobile Survival Kit Contents

Earthquake Insurance
During an Earthquake
During an Earthquake
After an Earthquake
When The Shaking Stops

All About Drinking Water

Human Waste Disposal

The Northridge Earthquake
Earthquake-related Products and Services


"[Earthquake Prepared] is well written, concise, and is the most informative document of its type that I have had the opportunity to review. The information presented is precisely what the average person/family needs to know to properly prepare for an earthquake."

- John W. Bitoff, Director, Mayor's Office of Emergency Services,
City & County of San Francisco, CA

"It's the first time we've seen a complete guide that contains everything you need to know, what you need to do, how to do it, why you need to do it, and where to go to get what you need to do it with."

- Mary Kaiser Donev & Stef Donev, Science Writers & Public Information Officers during the aftermath of the Landers Quake,
California Earthquake Information Center

"Earthquake Prepared compiles a tremendous amount of available information into one easy-to-follow source. The information gives great insight to a homeowner's ability to understand the basics of earthquake forces and damage mitigation."

- Tom Purkiss, Structural Engineer,
T. A. Purkiss Structural Engineers,
La Canada, CA

"Earthquake Prepared is an excellent resource for all individuals to have in their home. In fact, we have provided copies for employees at our annual safety fair this year. The information provided in this publication has proven to be invaluable."

- Marilyn Cohen, RN, Emergency Department,
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,
Los Angeles, CA

"[Earthquake Prepared] is a very clear and practical guide as to what needs to be done to prepare a home for an earthquake. It not only tells us what we must attend to but also how to and with what kind of hardware. I am making this information available to our entire congregation at Tetelestai Christian Center."

- Pastor Randolph Michaelsen,
Telelestai Christian Center,
Torrance, CA

"[Earthquake Prepared] is a model of practical advice which individuals can translate to action leading to effective preparedness and proper awareness of a natural hazard which, without any warning, kills and destroys."

- In. Albert Giesecke, Director,
Ceresis (Regional Center of Seismology),
Lima, Peru

"Earthquake Prepared is a thorough and simple guide to earthquake preparedness. It provides basic knowledge for earthquake preparedness that anyone can follow."

- Carol Goldberg, Coordinator,
School Earthquake Preparedness Program,
UCLA Extension

"Earthquake Prepared is undoubtedly the most readable of those prepared for the home owner. The illustrations and explanations are wonderfully clear. Leach provides a most valuable service by mentioning brand names and listing the addresses of vendors of specialized products. The research has been meticulous..."

- Glenn Borchardt,
Paleoseismologist, Soil Tectonics,
Berkeley, CA

"...It's remarkable, given that all adult Californians have been fairly well educated about quake dangers, that so few of us are adequately prepared for them. Mr. Leach's book solves that problem handily. It should be in the home of every concerned citizen."

- Steve Allen, Radio,
Television & Film Personality,
Los Angeles, CA


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