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Joel Leach

Joel Leach is a Professor at California State University, Northridge where he has taught since 1969.

Mr. Leach's concerns for homeowners living in areas subject to the potentially devastating destruction of earthquakes led him to research and write Earthquake Prepared. The easy-to-read text, accompanied by attractive artwork both tells and shows the reader how to proceed with the task of securing his home and protecting his family. Endorsed by a number of experts in a variety of fields related to earthquake preparedness, Earthquake Prepared has become the source for homeowners and businessmen who want to prepare for rather than react to the devastation of a major earthquake.

Joel Leach has become a powerful voice on the subject of earthquake preparedness for homeowners. His relaxed style and sense of humor make him an easy and interesting broadcast interview and have positioned him as a much sought-after public speaker on this topic of vital interest to virtually all Californians.

In addition to Earthquake Prepared, Mr. Leach has authored four textbooks and hundreds of magazine articles. His multiplicities of interests have made him a valuable commodity as a teacher, consultant, publisher, producer and a practicing Expert Witness. In demand internationally, he has lectured in Australia, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.