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Rafting on the Mississippi
A Journey of Discovery

by William R. Chapman

The Mississippi River holds great significance in the cultural and natural history of our country. Explorers, authors, musicians, artists and individuals from all walks of life have been inspired by this body of water. Photographer William Chapman was inspired by a boyhood dream to explore this natural wonder by raft. His trek became a journey of adventure and discovery.

In Rafting on the Mississippi, William R. Chapman combines his spectacular photographic images with vivid narrative to paint an inspiring portrait of contemporary life along “America’s River.” His evocative color images capture the many moods and nuances of this magnificent setting. Chapman’s unique perspective of the Mississippi River was gained as a result of two separate rafting trips. By fulfilling and then reliving his lifelong dream of rafting on the Mississippi River, Chapman accrued an intimate knowledge of the many aspects of the river, which he shares with the reader. Rafting on the Mississippi will give the reader a better understanding of the natural, cultural, historical and personal significance of this great river. Chapman’s pictures and words effectively carry the reader into his true life tale of adventure. Let this incomparable book help you discover the secrets and wonders of Rafting on the Mississippi.

Hardbound - $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-889899-08-4

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Sidebar:  River Facts 7
Chapter One
The Lure of the River 10
Sidebar: Upper Mississippi River Cities and Citizens 49
Chapter Two  
Cairo to Memphis 26
Sidebar: The Wreck of the Sultana 49
Chapter Three  
Memphis to Vicksburg 52
Sidebar: Traveling the Blues Highway 81
Chapter 4  
Vicksburg to Natchez 88
Sidebar: Mississippi River Measurements 101
Chapter 5  
Natchez to New Orleans 106
Sidebar: The Great River Road 113

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