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Airfare Secrets cover
Airfare Secrets Exposed
(3rd ed.)

How To Find The Lowest Fares Available Anywhere!

by Joel Leach and Carey Christensen

Most people think that when they call a local travel agent and take the lowest fare offered, they have gotten a good deal. But in reality, they are still paying too much! That’s because airlines and even travel agents often don’t have access to the really low fares — fares that are…SECRET.

The authors of Airfares Secrets Exposed have dug deep inside the industry and found dozens of ways anyone can save up to 20-50% or more on his next airplane ticket, regardless of destination.

Airfare Secrets Exposed is a one-of-a-kind travel book. It doesn’t talk about where to go or what to do — instead, it tells how to find and book incredibly low airfares so you’ll have more money to spend when you get there. Readers who use this book will find that cross-country and international ticket savings of $300-$400 per ticket are not at all unusual. That means a family of four could have an extra $1,200-$1,600 to dedicate to their vacation fun!

Airfare Secrets Exposed reveals insider knowledge about how airlines set prices so you will learn to save by buying on a particular day of the week. It lists consolidators and bucket shops that sell tickets for 50-70% less than the airlines themselves charge, explains how to become an air courier and fly at discounted rates, and teaches you how to find unbelievable bargains by shopping on-line. There is even information about the new concept of on-line Airline Ticket Auctions where you bid what you would like to pay for an airline ticket! Airfare Secrets Exposed also explains little known $$$ saving strategies by using Group Inclusive Tours, Hidden Cities, Promotional Fares, and Tour Discardments. It discloses the latest information about Senior Airline Coupons and tips for maximizing those hard-earned Frequent Flyer points!

Also included are nine valuable appendices stuffed full of information that will help make traveling easier, safer, and more enjoyable. There the reader will find information on passport and visa requirements, embassies, consular offices, travel advisories, foreign entry requirements, travel insurance, airline telephone numbers, and even a list of international airport codes so you can make certain your bags don't end up in Iraq while you’re vacationing in Germany! There is also an appendix created exclusively for the disabled traveler.


189 pages - Paperback
ISBN: 1-882349-18-0 - $14.95

Table of Contents




1. Consolidators, Bucket Shops, and Discounters Offer Bargain Airfare

2. Airline Ticket Auctions-A New Way to Buy Airline Tickets

3. Air Courier Savings

4. Air Passes — Bargain Prices "Over There"

5. Status Fares — Savings for Being Someone Special

6. Budget Travel via the Internet

7. Charter Airlines Offer Savings

8. Good Timing = Big $aving$!

9. Get Bumped — Get Ca$h!

10. Maximize Your Frequent Flyer Earnings

11. Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Appendix 1. Travel Resources Recommended by the Authors

Appendix 2. Travel Advisories and Emergency Assistance

Appendix 3. Travel Insurance

Appendix 4. Non-Fare-Related Travel Tips

Appendix 5. For the Disabled Traveler

Appendix 6. Passports and Visas

Appendix 7. Foreign Entry Requirements

Appendix 8. Airline Telephone Numbers and Internet Addresses

Appendix 9. Airport Codes


"Don't even think about making an airline reservation until you read this incredibly useful book from cover to cover. A must for every consumer and travel agent."

—Nancy Dunnan, Managing Editor, TRAVEL SMART

"This book will save you more money on air travel than you ever thought possible. I flew round-trip from Los Angeles to Washington, DC for $150--$450 less than the airline's price!"

—Thad Hegerberg, Educational Consultant
Honolulu, Hawaii

"Accolades to Joel Leach, Carey Christensen and Studio 4 Productions for giving airfare bargain hunters a superb source for locating the lowest airfares available. This splendidly constructed reference manual with its winning combination of technical expertise and little-known "airfare tips and secrets" will save as a comprehensive resource for air travelers searching for the best deals around."

—Alf Clausen, Emmy and
Annie winning composer,
The Simpsons, Moonlighting, Alf.

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