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Don Severin

Don Severin, the author and photographer, was born and raised in southern California. He was bitten by the travel bug at an early age when his parents would load him and his two brothers into their 1951 Ford and hit the road to visit relatives and friends around the country. In 1976, along with his twin brother Ron, Don spent two months on the road, traveling 13,000 miles to visit 38 states.

When Don could not find a book about the state capitols in the public library, he was inspired to create such a book. He spent eleven months traveling to 49 states to research the book and then spent six months writing up the information. He then traveled back to most of the capitols to get photographs for the book. At the time of publication, he had been to all the capitol buildings at least once, and most of them three, four and even five times.

Mr. Severin used a Cannon AE 1 and a Cannon AE1 Program camera with 20-70mm and 70-200 mm lenses. He does not claim to be a great photographer, but is proud of some of the pictures included in the book.
Mr. Severin now resides in Cove, Oregon.

Don Severin is the author of: Encyclopedia of State Capitols/Capitals: A detailed look at the 50 capitol buildings and the capital cities